Bengaluru: 4.6,000 drivers booked for using high-beam lights

Bengaluru: In its drive against use of high beam lights, the city traffic police have booked 4,675 cases in the first six months of this year and collected Rs 5 lakh in fines.

The police and traffic experts said that the use of high beam lights within the city limits is prohibited as these have to be switched on in the highways. 

High beam lights can temporarily blind the drivers, especially elders, coming from the opposite direction and may cause accidents. 

An elder and a senior advocate, Mr Manjunath, said, "High beam lights have forced me to stop driving in the night. Most of the people in the city have no idea of using high beam lights. The traffic department should start awareness programmes and RTOs should make drivers of such rules before issuing driving licences."

An ophthalmologist, Dr Vikas, said, "Halos around headlights cause excess eye discomfort, faster eye fatigue and strain. Also, the glare reduces visibility leading to higher risk of accidents." 


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