Bengaluru: 2 NGOs in fight over one toilet

Bengaluru: Two NGOs are fighting over the construction of a toilet at a busy area in Dasarahalli. While the Clean City Foundation claims that it got a recommendation letter from Dasarahalli corporator Shilpa Sridhar to construct the toilet, another NGO has already begun the construction. 

The Clean City Foundation claimed that the Ms Sridhar's letter was sent to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, and in the meantime, the corpoator asked them to start the construction, saying the approvals would come soon. 

Foundation Manager Dinesh Singh said, "The corporator gave the order for the construction, as a public toilet was needed. The construction started on September 20, but on September 25 the work was stopped by the BBMP, saying we did not have the requisite papers."

He claimed that though they were assured of approval, he had to go round in circles at the BBMP. On Sept. 29, Clean City found the other NGO carrying out the construction work at the same spot. 

"We confronted the corporator, and asked her how when the letter of recommendation had already been given to us, the other NGO could start work on the public toilet. The BBMP claimed that the construction work taken up by the other NGO is for a water unit, but we can clearly see that the public toilet is being constructed. As per our knowledge, it has happened without any paperwork," he said. 

The Clean City Foundation said that it has already spent over Rs 80,000 for the initial construction work. 

A member of another NGO, who wished not to be identified, said that the construction of public toilets is one of the most profitable businesses in the city and given the proximity of the toilet in the area and public demand, it was possible that the other NGO jumped in. 

Deccan Chronicle made repeated calls to the corporator and the BBMP engineer, but they went unanswered. 


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