Bengalureans get ready for more rains

Bengaluru: Red alerts have been issued in parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which are gearing up for another round of catastrophic rainfall. Bengaluru will not be free of the storm either, according to the Indian Meteorological Department, for the city is all set to receive heavy rains over the next four days. Venturing out will be difficult.

Bengaluru has witnessed intermittent but heavy rains that inundated several areas and uprooted trees in many parts of the city, between June and September, brought on by the southwest monsoon.  A low pressure belt forming over the Arabian sea will bring heavy showers over the weekend.

Bengaluru has already received a precursor  to this, for several parts of the city witnessed heavy rains accompaneid by strong winds on Thursday.

Mr C S Patil, scientist and director-incharge of IMD Bangalore said "Owing to the low pressure in the Arabian Sea there shall be heavy rains in the city for the next four days."

He advised people to make necessary arrangements to protect them from the heavy rains.  The city has received 38.6cm of rains during the monsoon season while the normal 
rainfall stands at 47.5cm. 


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