Benagluru: Breast cancer cases on rise, says Study

Benagluru: Among woman cancer patients in the city, breast cancer top the list with 27.5 per cent cases, according to a study. According to a population-based cancer registry 2012-14, of the estimated 45,000 new cancer cases reported every year in Karnataka, over 8,000 had breast cancer. In India, on detection of a lump in breast the patients either ignore it or get panic stricken and both are due to lack of proper awareness. 

Dr Sudhakar, Consultant Radiology – HCG, Bangalore Institute of Oncology, explains that due to lack of awareness thousands of Indian women do not opt for timely and proper tests and treatment.

“One of the first symptoms of breast cancer is the formation of lumps in the breast. While many women from not so educated and aware sections of society do not identify these lumps as a reason to see the doctor," he added.


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