Belagavi: Nurse dies after being thrown out of train by lover

Belagavi: A nurse from Belagavi city died after she was thrown out of a moving train by her lover, who is a doctor. According to police, the victim, Punam alias Pari (22), a resident of Pune, was working as nurse at a Belagavi hospital. She was in a relationshiop with a doctor named Sunil Chouhan from Belagavi city, but they could not marry as they belonged to different castes.

Punam was insistent that they get married, but the doctor was reluctant as he feared the marriage would wreck his ties with family. A week ago, Sunil decided to kill Punam and took his brother Sanjay's help in carrying out the murder.

On March 15, Sunil took Punam for a tour to neighbouring Goa and they boarded a train from Belagavi city. The duo got her unconscious in the train, by administering medicines and then threw her out of the train, when it was crossing the Asoga river bridge near Khanapur.

The police later recovered the body from under the bridge on the same day and it was identified as that of Punam by her family. While the police thought it was an accidental death, Punam's parents suspected foul play and alleged in a police complaint that she was murdered.

During investigation the police interrogated Sunil and he confessed to killing her with his brother's help. Khanapur police have registered a case of murder.


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