Belagavi: MLA’s men attack social worker, parade him semi nude for ‘cheating’

Belagavi: The brutal assault and parading of a social worker semi-nude, which took place in Belagavi on Tuesday, was allegedly carried out at the behest of a well known political leader in the city.

The social worker, Rafik Desai, was initially attacked at Civil Hospital, allegedly by supporters of the leader. He was later stripped and paraded semi-nude from hospital premises to Chennamma Circle and then to DC office premises.

There he was also tied to a pole, garlanded with footwear and brutally beaten up by the leader’s henchmen for nearly an hour. The gang also forced some women to assault him.

In a video clip that went viral on social media, Desai accused a local MLA behind the attack. Two of the attackers (including an elderly woman) admitted in separate video clips that they were forced to do so by two gangsters, Tausif Alwadkar and Abutalib Mulla. They apologised for the attack.

However, some of attackers alleged Desai had cheated several poor residents of Belagavi city by assuring them to get houses allotted under Ashraya Yojana. He had also reportedly collected huge money from the beneficiaries. The attackers admitted that they were promised lakhs of rupees if they joined the gang to beat up Desai.

Police under fire
Leaders from different political parties and citizens of Belagavi have criticised the police department for allowing an assault to in broad daylight, in DC’s office.
They alleged the police department was under pressure from the local MLA against taking action, although the assault at DC’s office lasted nearly an hour.
The people questioned Police Commissioner D.C. Rajappa’s conduct and wondered why no action was taken against even as video-clips went viral on social media.


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