BBMP flexes muscle against poll banners

BENGALURU: As the election fever is picking up in the city, the Election Commission and BBMP have warned political parties to take precautionary measures and not to violate model code of conduct by putting up illegal flex and banners.

It also had meeting with representatives of over 100 flex and digital printing companies and issued strict guidelines to be followed while accepting print orders from political parties.

During the meeting BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad briefed political parties on the crucial guidelines to be followed during model code of conduct and various leaders too got their queries cleared.

In the second session he addressed the representatives of printing units in the city and said, "Every single copy of pamphlet, handouts and brochures etc printed on behalf of political parties by the printers should bear the name of the printer, publishers, total number of copies ordered, serial number and the place of printing."

A copy of the work order along with signature from the person who is placing the order on behalf of the political parties and the cost incurred for the execution of the work should be submitted to the Election Commission along with five sample copies (pamphlet, brochure etc) of each work they get done, Manjunath Prasad said.

He also warned the political parties and printers that any violation could 
land them in jail for six months.


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