Bar robs peace of Vidyapeeta Circle

BENGALURU: Though the fight against commercial establishments in residential areas is continuing across the city, there are many businesses that are a danger to the residents living nearby. On 80 Feet Road near Vidyapeeta Circle, residents are troubled by Lakshmi Bar and Restaurant, which is operating in a residential area in violation of rules. It opens as early as 4 in the morning, again violating the excise rules, the residents complained.

Though the residents have written to the excise and police departments, the local MLA and corporator, no action has been taken yet. They are worried that inebriated men, most of whom drivers, could run over people in the area.
"The outlet opens early morning and it serves liquor to auto drivers and rag pickers, who stand in long queues. The bar is owned by a retired police officer, who uses his clout with different departments to run the outlet, though it is against the rules," said Mr Shivram (name changed), a local resident.

Auto drivers park their vehicles in the narrow lane (3rd Main Road) leaving no space for other vehicles to pass. Also, the bar is within 100 metres of Manasa English School, which is against the Supreme Court ruling, he pointed out. The bar is also right in front of a government hospital, he pointed out. "The bar within 100 metres of the educational institution should have alerted the authorities. They should act at least now and shut it down," said another resident Ravi Shetty.

"How can the BBMP and the police department allow such a blatant violation? I am appalled by the brazenness of the owner who has no fear for the law, despite being a former public servant. The corporator was apprised of this issue, but still no action has been taken," he said. Though the bar does not have parking facilities, there has been no instance of the traffic police towing away vehicles parked outside it, the residents alleged.

"Most of the women are scared to step out as there are drunk men on the road. We have seen many men passing out and lying on footpaths," Ms Kavyashree, a resident said. "We have seen many teenagers smoking ganja on the road. But we are scared to take them on as they might attack us," she said.


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