BAI counters Minister’s statement on M-Sand

Mysuru: The State’s Mines and Geology Minister Vinay Kulkarni’s startling statement recently that manufactured sand (popularly called M-Sand) was not suitable for building houses, has created quite a storm among the building fraternity.

In a press release, Builders Association of India (BAI) State Chairman S.R. Swamy, countering the statement of the Minister without mentioning his name, has stated that BAI has strongly recommended the use of M-sand to protect nature.

“In this regard Department of Mines and Geology has recommended the M-Sand (Manufactured Sand) which is scientifically graded to comply with BIS specification (IS:383-2016). As per Indian Institute of Science (IISc) research report M-Sand is superior in quality than river sand,” said Swamy quoting both Mines and Geology and  IISc report.

According to Swamy, river sand, a precious natural resource is depleting rapidly, affecting the eco system of our earth. Demand exceeding supply of river sand has led to illegal mining posing risks of landslides, loss of fauna and flora, reduced ground water levels and widening of rivers.

Speaking to Star of Mysore here this morning, Swamy said, “M-Sand is not something new. As far back as in 1950 it was used to build Kuta Dam in Bhutan. We have been using M-Sand in construction of houses since a long time and they are all standing strong till this day. Apart from the Mines and Geology Department and IISc, even the Karnataka Research Engineering Station, near KRS and many engineering colleges have recommended the use of M-Sand.”

Another builder, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Malaysian river sand which has been imported is being marketed by Mysore Sales International Limited (MSIL) calling for tenders and sold at Rs.4,200 a ton in the State, while it is being sold at Rs.1,900 a ton in neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

It may be recalled that the selling of the much publicised Malaysian sand by MSIL for builders and public in the city which was to commence from Jan.22 has been delayed.

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