Asphalt removed to keep 58 trees in good shape

Bengaluru: Now that the Assembly elections are over, citizens are demanding the administration to wake up and set things right. 

At Vidyaranyapura, residents had complained that the BBMP major roads department had laid asphalt over tree roots, affecting the trees’ health.

After a complaint was filed on May 16, the department removed the tar cover from over 58 trees the next day. 

Members of the Citizens Action Forum Welfare Association (CAFWA), in their complaint, said, "We conducted a survey on Vidyaranyapura Main Road to confirm that 58 trees lying on either side of the road will die soon if asphalting around the trees is not cleared."

Covering roots with asphalt or cement not only degenerates roots, but also stops ground water recharge. 

Concretisation is one of the major reasons for trees dying, as water does not percolate into the ground properly. 


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