Asked about RMP-2031, citizens give average score

A survey has shown that most Bengalureans are not very upbeat about the Revised Master Plan 2031 for the city, released by the Bangalore Development Authority.

Nearly 2,512 responses collected by IChangeMyCity regarding the level of satisfaction on the plan mentioned average, indicating that citizens may not be enormously happy about it.

A report by IChangeMyCity said 1,074 respondents voted in multiple categories regarding RMP 2031 in the survey, which constituted 8.3% of the 13,000 suggestions given to the BDA.

The report also revealed citizens are least satisfied about land use, housing, traffic and waste management, while they are said to be pleased with the way the BDA has handled heritage, accessibility and power in the citys development roadmap.

The report also noted that citizens have responded in larger numbers on environment, housing, land use, traffic, waste management and parks.

The survey had asked citizens to vote on their level of satisfaction on the scale of one to ten on each category and give detailed comments.


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