Ask & you shall ‘SEQ’

Through time immemorial Literature has always come in chapters. Yet in rare instances, movies are beginning to chapter their stories in sequels! While Hollywood has witnessed several such chapters – call it sequels, trilogies and parts, those characters and plots are continued in films like the Harry Potter series, Pirates of the Caribbean, and scores of others including numerous from Marvel’s characters. In the Indian film industry, it is mostly about sequels which rarely have any connection to its predecessor, apart from its popular characters. However, SS Rajamouli’s Bahubali series which came in two chapters has paved way for such experiments, which has inspired the makers of Kannada film KGF to come up with two chapters of the movie, one of which is releasing in December. Bengaluru Chronicle reports.

Among the most popular Kannada classics that hit the screens in parts are the Bond series starring Kannada thespian Dr Rajkumar, the two-part police tale featuring Shankar Nag as Sangliana. 

“There has always been a craze for sequels but only a handful have succeeded. The recent hit being Rambo 2. In the case of Mungaru Male 2, and Uppi 2, a sequel to Upendra’s movie starring Upendra, the outcome was not that good,” says director Harish.

However in the past two years, there has been a surge in the number of sequel projects with many more in the line up, he feels. On his decision to make an attempt at a two-chapter big budget venture; director Prashant Neel shares, “When we started KGF, there was no intention of making it in two chapters. But during the making, and detailing, the content started to unraveling, and there was so much to tell. By then, the Bahubali series had released. It paved way for KGF to attempt a second chapter. KGF, a universal subject is high on content which is based on sentiments and action.

The second chapter of the movie is expected to release in 2019 while more than 50 per cent of the shooting has already been wrapped up. While movies chapters are a new trend, popular movies have always returned in sequels.

“Unlike Hollywood ventures, sequels are never planned in the film industry. If a movie is a huge hit and exceeds expectations, the makers comes up with its sequel to cash in on its popularity. If it works out, there comes another part,” says producer Ashwin.

Also, in a rarity, filmmaker and actor MG Srinivas announced a trilogy and is busy making it. He says that the first part of his trilogy titled Birbal — Finding Vajrmuni will be followed with Avran Bit, Ivran Bit, Avar Yaru, and Turremane. Even the next chapter of Kendasampige from director Suri is in the pipeline. The hit movie Victory starring Sharan is also ready with its sequel Victory 2, which is set for release in the coming weeks.


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