Areca!! Wanna control blood sugar? Drink areca tea

Mangaluru: A recent study by the experts at SDM Research Centre in Udupi has found significant anti-diabetic properties in Areca tea. 

The study states that the activity profile of areca tea is similar to that of anti-diabetic drugs. 

The study is important especially when there are discussions about the ‘harmful’ effect of arecanut and the ban on pan masala and supari. However in India, it has always been believed that arecanut has medicinal qualities and that supari could be bad only when the ingredients mixed in it along with arecanut are harmful. The study was conducted by a team comprising Ravishankar,  Sudhakar and Ravi M at SDM Research Centre after they were approached by Areca Tea founder Nivedan Nempe and Green remedies. People, especially those with diabetes, who consumed areca tea have reported a reduction in serum blood sugar levels and improvement in diabetes related symptoms.  A scientific study was also carried out at the centre to ascertain whether any experimental basis could be provided for this. Diabetes was induced in fasting rats  by administering injections of freshly prepared streptozotocin (STZ) followed by nicotinamide.  Rats with fasting blood glucose of more than 200 mg/dl were considered  diabetic. The study concluded that the activity profile of areca tea was similar to that of Glibenclamide, an anti-diabetic drug. 

Pharmacology research officer Sudhakar told Deccan Chronicle, “The study further noted that areca tea can also provide protection to the heart and to some extent to the kidneys against Diabetes Mellitus induced degenerative changes. One of the significant findings is  that the cellularity and number of  islet cells was increased by consumption of Areca tea indicating significant protection to the pancreas. This opens up the possibility of using it as a preventive measure to stop diabetes,” he added. 


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