Animal Exchange

  • Mysuru Zoo to exchange animals with Assam and Meghalaya Zoos
  • Animals will reach Assam after two-and-a-half-day train journey

Mysuru:  The transportation of a two-year-old tiger cub Dhanush, from Mysuru Zoo to Assam by train in an animal exchange programme has caused heartburn among a few animal activists.

The journey of more than 3,100 km to Assam which will take two days and 11 hours will take a toll on the young cub, feel the activists. However, the Executive Director of Mysuru Zoo C. Ravishankar has said that they are taking all precautions to transport the cub safely.

The animal exchange programme involves sending tiger Dhanush, along with four peacocks and two black bucks. In turn, the Assam and Meghalaya Zoos are sending Pelicans, Ruddy Shelduck, Himalayan Black Bear and Barking Deer.

A veterinary doctor and Zookeepers from Mysuru left for Assam on Mar.2 and are returning with the animals by this evening. A special goods train used by the Army has been deployed to transport the animals. This train is arriving today and the same train will leave Mysuru on Mar.9 at 11 pm to Assam, carrying Dhanush and other animals.

Meanwhile, a veterinary doctor and three Zookeepers have already arrived in Mysuru from Assam and they are getting acclimatised with the tiger and the other animals to be shifted.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Ravishankar said that it was not possible to transport the tiger by air as the aircraft, especially chartered flights in Assam are not suitable to carry the tiger since there is no place in the cargo to hold the cages.

“The only option was to transport it by train. We have taken all necessary precautions and a veterinary doctor and gatekeepers will be accompanying them all the way,” he said.    

Animal exchange programmes are initiated only after obtaining consent from Central Zoo Authority of India, said Ravishankar.

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