Ananth Kumar Hegde calls CM a ‘ghost’, ‘Ravana’

Belagavi: Firebrand BJP leader and Union minister, Ananth Kumar Hegde on Friday targeted Chief Minister Siddaramaiah describing him as a 'ghost' and 'Ravana' and said the Congress party was committing suicide under his leadership.

Recalling an old Kannada adage that `the house where the ghost enters will not survive,'  Hegde said nobody would survive(in the house) when Siddaramaiah makes his entry. Comparing Siddaramaiah to Ravana, he said the projects launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have not reached most villages in the state as Ravana Rajya prevails. “Although, the Centre provided Rs 28 as against the state government's Rs 3 for the Anna Bhagya Yojana(subsidised rice scheme), Siddaramaiah did not have the courtesy to add PM Modi's name to this project,'' he said.

Stating that the Congress did not have the right to stay in power after committing 'sins' for the last 70 years, Hegde said, people should make Congressmen commit suicide without getting their hands dirty by beating them! 

Challenging Siddaramaiah to collect the income generated by mosques and churches as charity if he had the guts to do it, Hegde said the CM was targeting only temples and collecting money generated from charity there. 


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