An inspiration for millennials

True to her name, Spoorthy (which means inspiration) this engineer-turned-actress who made her acting debut in the Kannada teleserial Tulsi Dala which ended abruptly, is back with a change in role. But, now she is shining bright by playing a negative character in Star Suvarna’s latest fiction — Krishna Tulasi. Also a national level athlete, she is busy with a Tamil teleserial Kalyana Veedu, where she plays the lead, and has even signed a Kannada movie which will be launched soon. The actress speaks about her new project’s role, her love for sports (she is the daughter of a ball badminton champion) and why Spoorthy and her friends are taking tutorial classes for diploma students, and much more.

“Apart from learning the basics of acting as a child, I had no other experiences. But after I got through the auditions for my first serial, I gained the much needed confidence along with work. However, my first teleserial came to an abrupt end. Fortunately, the makers of my Tamil serial came across my profile through my work in the Kannada serial. It was all quick as my last day of work in Tulsi Dala was Oct 3, 2017, and I started working for the Tamil serial from Oct 5,” says Spoorthy.

Further, the actress says that she had in fact auditioned for the lead for the serial Krishna Tulasi, and had even bagged it and was about to start shooting for it before her dates with other serials clashed big time.

“With date issues, I had to leave the project. However, I soon got a call asking if I was interested in playing the negative role which was sketched close to reality. As I am into acting for the passion and not to turn it into a full time profession, I took it up. I had been playing a more sobre role as a lead and this was a challenge for me. Moreover, it is the vamp's role, and they are always in the news,” she smiles.

Though Spoorthy found it difficult in the beginning while playing the vamp, she explains that the negative role of Chitra in Krishna Tulasi is close to reality and not exaggerated as is usually depicted on television.

In her Tamil venture, she plays a dominant character who focuses on the importance of women in a man's life. “Following my TV ventures, I have being doing a lot of ads, and have even signed a Kannada movie wherein I will be seen in a different role. It is yet to be made official. All I can I say is that it will be a thriller, “ Spoorthy says, adding when not acting in serials, she has represented the State in various athletic games during her free time. She reveals that her father, Suresh was a national level ball badminton champion.

Before she wraps up she says that as an engineering graduate, she along with a group of her friends takes tutorial classes for 15 diploma students who cannot afford such facilities. “Firstly, I started doing it to stay in touch with my academics and to help needy students. We do it online and do not charge them. In my absence, my friends take over,” she signs off.


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