Amitha Ranganath: New charmer on the block

Driven by passion to perform on stage and in front of camera, she started early from her school days and by the time she graduated, Anitha Ranganath was already playing a dual role — one as a translator of animation programmes (in other languages) to Kannada  in addition to lending her voice (dubbing) to almost all female animated characters for a Kannada channel dedicated for children. The other role she played was that of learning the art of acting in Abhinaya Taranga, a prestigious school of drama wherein she pursued her diploma. Actress Amitha Ranganath, who already has two films, one in Telugu and Tamil to her credit, speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle about her upcoming Kannada films, her entertaining journey and more.

Her debut film in Telugu film, Chandamama Kathalu, a multi starrer bagged national award as best regional film wherein she was cast opposite popular actor Naga Shaurya and her Tamil film is Tharkappu. Inspired by Bollywood’s icon — Madhuri Dixit, Amitha says she was smitten by the star and this led her to choose acting as her profession. “My interest with acting goes back to my school days where I performed at various levels. And, when I started pursuing my graduation in business management, I had joined Abhinaya Taranga and did my diploma for an year and simultaneously was working as a translator and dubbing e for animation programmes,” says Amitha Ranganath.

In Days of Borapura, which is another unique project in Kannada, the actress reveals that it is not the usual hero, heroine film as it is purely based on content with every character having its relevance. “There are so many  characters in it and I play the only educated female character in the film. It’s a complete deglamorous role set in a village,” she adds. About her other Kannada film, also uniquely titled Prayanikara Gamanakke meaning attention travellers is a suspense thriller on road. After her first two movies, she says she took a break and lived in Melbourne with her sister and came back to do a Kannada tele-serial Anthhapura.

“I had no idea on how to get into the entertainment industry. It was one of my seniors at the drama school who guided me to try my hands at dubbing  for animation characters. It was a tough phase, as I would translate the whole night and dub in the mornings. Most of the time I had to skip college. Anyhow, I ended up earning some good money,” she smiles. While she loves playing badminton and tennis during breaks, she is these days busy learning martial arts for her upcoming Kannada film which will be announced soon, she wraps up.


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