Ambience, Atmosphere and Air

Experts are turning their heightened attention and people at large are contributing with disdain to the steadily worsening health of environment, locally, regionally, nationally, globally and even in outer space. The terms climate change, global warming, air quality, atmospheric debris, ocean-bound plastic residue and so on have begun to figure in interactions among the literati more often than witnessed until not too long ago. The comforts and conveniences being lapped up and enjoyed by human populations, drawing from the unstoppable advances in technology and the resulting devices and tools have proved to be double-edged sword, given the benefits in a long list accompanied by adverse impact on earth’s atmosphere in general and its every ingredient in particular, specially air, water and soil. The many life-supporting resources, thought to be bountiful, have begun to be life-threatening, thanks to their unregulated exploitation to meet the expanding needs of people everywhere. Knowledge about this phenomenon in the form of information and data on relevant parameters brought cascading to the doorstep of people by the alert media seem to be of no avail.

Moderation in word, deed and thought consistent with the atmosphere, in its widest meaning, that all forms of life require to co-exist in total and enduring harmony, as prescribed by the wise in society of the past, has suffered a mindless neglect in our times with the dire consequences that are there for all to experience and virtually left to fate as it were.

While the ongoing relentless warning issued by various agencies across the world about the causes for global warming, along with corrective measures to avoid undesirable consequences are receiving positive response only in some pockets, one is obliged to bestow attention to issues beyond the meaning of environment as commonly talked about with focus on air quality, pollution of water bodies, denudation of forests, impoverishment of soil and so on. The nation is currently embroiled in an ambience created in its public life, given the matter carried by dailies in all languages with details of various kinds of crimes sending the law-keeping machinery into a tizzy.

The principal areas of nation’s economy and its proper governance, namely Legislature, Executive and Judiciary seem to be at mutual loggerheads resulting in a societal ambience that doesn’t see the land’s diaspora in good light. The scenario that one sees everywhere seems to be mocking at the nation’s intellectuals, who are clueless in redeeming its ambience.

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