Al-Qaeda No. 3, terrorist Abu Zubaydah studied in Mysuru !

He was a first year BSc. Computer Science drop-out from Sarada Vilas College in 1989 along with his four Arab friends

Mysuru:  In a shocking revelation that has come to light lately,  Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn Abu Zubaydah, who was arrested by the United States (US) Forces in connection with his terror links in Pakistan in 2002, is said to have studied in Mysuru city.  

He is currently kept in a highly guarded and isolated Guantonamo Bay Detention Camp in Cuba by the US. He was arrested under the Authority of Authorisation for Use of Military Force Against  Terrorists (AUMF).

Zubaydah had allegedly served as Osama Bin Laden’s Senior Lieutenant and Counter-Intelligence Officer, considered to be the third highest-ranking member of Al-Qaeda and managed a network of training camps.

He was involved in every major terrorist operation carried out by Al-Qaeda (including the plotting of 9/11 attack on World Trade Centre) and was engaged in planning future terrorist attacks aagainst theUS interests.

Zubaydah, who was captured by US Forces in Pakistan during March 2002, is in the US custody ever since including four-and-a-half-years in the Secret Prison Network of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He was transferred to prisons in various countries as part of United States’ rendition programme.  He was extensively interrogated by CIA for his terrorist operations in many countries across the world.

Mysuru connection

Following Zubaydah’s connections with Mysuru, the Internal Security Division Police of both the State and Union Governments had swooped down on Mysuru city to collect more information about his relation to the city.

Adrian Levy, one of the veteran journalists, who focuses on South Asia and Islamist militancy, is said to have visited Mysuru city recently to collect information regarding Zubaydah’s stay in city.

Adrian, who has been producing a documentary on  Zubaydah, met senior journalist and The Hindu Correspondent Laiqh A. Khan in Mysuru to gather information about  Zubaydah at the University of Mysore.

According to sources,  Zubaydah had studied in Sarada Vilas College, Krishnamurthypuram, during 1989. He had enrolled for first year BSc. Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science (PMCS) programme in the college. He studied for only one year and later discontinued as he failed in three subjects. He did not return to college after that.

Photo of Abu Zubaydah (circled) in Sarada Vilas College foreign student register.

Zubaydah and four of his Saudi friends had enrolled for BSc. Computer Science course as Sarada Vilas College was the only institution offering that course in the city those days. And this was the reason for foreign and other local students to swarm this College for admission.

However, Star of Mysore has been able to obtain the details of enrolment of Zubaydah and four of his friends to first year BSc., Computer Science course with their photos in the enrolment register [see facsimile above] maintained by the authorities of Sarada Vilas College.

He resided in Udayagiri

Abu Zubaydah is said to have  resided along with his friends at a rented house behind a Mosque in Udayagiri during his stay in city. He and his friends vacated the house after they failed in the first year BSc. exam.

However, the ownership of the rented house, where the terrorist was once staying, has changed and the present owner and neighbours of this house do not have any information about him.

Palestinian family

Born into a Palestinian family living in Saudi Arabia, Abu Zubaydah moved to Pakistan from Mysuru through New Delhi after he failed in exams. Later, Zubaydah left to Afghanistan to fight Soviet Forces. He was also wounded in this war and later worked as Manager at a hostel where Jihadi fighters were staying in Afghanistan before his elevation as Al-Qaeda Number 3.

Search for maid Philomena

It is learnt, a 33-year-old maid named Philomena was cooking food to 20-year-old Abu Zubaydah and his friends during their stay in Mysuru. There are references to this maid in the diaries that Zyubaydah maintained.

The State and Central Police and Intelligence Officials are also collecting details about the whereabouts of this maid in Mysuru. But they haven’t got any clue about her, it is said.

Abu Zubaydah has mentioned about this maid and his stay in Mysuru along with his friends in the secret personal diaries written by him. News Corporation Al Jazeera has obtained a copy of these secret personal diaries which they have posted on their website.  

No information in City Special Branch

The City Special Branch (CSB) Police also do not have any information about this terrorist. Mysuru did not have the  Commissionerate Office when Zubaydah was staying in city and all records were under the jurisdiction of Superintendent of Police (SP) as they claim.

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