Action against schools not teaching Kannada language

Bengaluru: After reports that many private schools in the city have not yet introduced Kannada as a compulsory second language, the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) has decided to crack the whip against erring schools.

KDA has issued a one-month deadline to all schools, irrespective of the boards they are affiliated to, expecting them to fall in line before November 30.

KDA Chairman S.G. Siddaramaiah said the authority has told the Department of Primary and Secondary Education to take action against schools violating the rules.

“It is essential and lawful that all schools in the state (following ICSE, CBSE or state syllabus) should adhere to the guidelines mentioned in the Compulsory Kannada Language Learning Act 2015. We (KDA) will ensure that no school in the state violates this rule by the end of November. Institutions that fail to fall in line will be served three warnings after which they will face tough action,  including cancellation of the No Objection Certificates (NoCs), which is necessary for any school to validate its affiliation,” Siddaramaiah told Deccan Chronicle.

According to KDA officials, the Authority has listed more than 50 such schools from Bengaluru city alone for violating rules. Notices will be served again during the month after which surprise visits during working hours will also be carried out.

“It is necessary that all students, as residents of Karnataka, know and study Kannada at least as a second language. While all resources of the state is used for each student’s or citizen’s well-being and good life, there is nothing unfair in insisting familiarity of the language, as it contributes to the welfare of the society in many ways,” Siddaramaiah added.

Apart from penalising erring schools, KDA will also ensure that suitable action is taken against education department officials if they fail to comply with the norms. This is following the statements of some top officials of the Department of Primary and Secondary Education that a language should not be forced on students at any cost.

“We will be closely working with the education department to ensure no false report is recorded on the matter. If any such fake report is found, strict measures will be taken against the officials concerned,” Siddarmaiah added.

It may be recalled that the state government had made it mandatory for all schools in the state (irrespective of the boards they are affiliated to) to introduce Kannada as first or second language the academic year 2018-19.


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