Ab Dilli Door Nahin: Chandni Chowk’s street food comes to Mysuru

Mysuru: India’s capital Delhi is a heavenly place for savouring street food — right from cuisines to chats and sweets. Their street cuisine is the best in the world and Frosting Cafe has brought the very own Delhi street cuisine to Mysuru.

An authentic Delhi Food Festival ‘Chandni Chowk’ has been organised by Frosting Cafe at its premises in V.V. Mohalla here. The 10-day food festival began on May 19 and will conclude on May 29.  The objective of the festival is to give Mysureans Chandni Chowk ka Chatka, meaning a glimpse and flavour of the street foods of Delhi. The best Delhi street food is served in Old Delhi around Chandni Chowk.

Frosting Cafe has setup an ambience to the public ensuring they get to taste Chandni Chowk’s flavour in our very own city. The Cafe has decorated its premises with ribbons, colourful stalls, lightings etc. They have transformed the cafe into the lively streets of Delhi where there is a craving for chats and the air is filled with aroma.

They have set up several cart kind of stalls catering to different varieties of chats and sweets for the people of Mysuru to savour. No wonder Delhi is a food’s paradise and Mysureans shouldn’t miss out on this festival which starts at about 5 pm and ends at about 11 pm daily.

The food items include  Golgappa, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, Papdi Chat, Bhalla Chat, Aloo Tikki Chat, Palak Chat, Lacha Tokri, Raj Kachori, Chole Bhature, Pav Bhajji, Jalebi and Rabdi, Moong Dal Chilla, Paneer Chat etc. A walk through the various stalls will give one an aroma of spice, masala and will definitely be a cause for mouth-watering.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Aparna Ranga, Proprietor, Frosting Cafe, said, “This festival is to bring the Chandni Chowk to our city and people. We have brought five chefs who actually work in hotels in Chandni Chowk for this festival. These chefs will cater to make a variety of dishes over the ten days that are famous in Delhi chat street. They will also be cooking different dishes like carrot halwa and other sweet items like rabdi on different days along with the regular chats.”

Surender Singh Tomar, one of the Chefs from a hotel in Chandni Chowk, said, “We expertise in making chat food in Delhi and we are here to make authentic Delhi street food for the public. Delhi Chat food is famous all around the world and the blend of spice and the art of making the masala and other things is entirely different from the Chat food prepared in other parts of India. In this festival we are making two kinds of Puris which everyone needs to taste. One is made out of wheat (atta) and the other one is made from rava (suji). So, the Golgappa’s are the major attraction. We also have prepared Raj Kachori, Paneer Tikka, Aloo Tikki, Muttor Tikki, etc.”

Surender Singh Tomar, one of the Chefs from a Hotel in Chandni Chowk, seen preparing chat food at Frosting Cafe during the Delhi Food Festival in Mysuru.

The entire cafe sports a different look than its usual self during this 10-day festival, right from the entrance to give the public a real feel of street food splendour and ambience.

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