A harrowing first day at work

BENGALURU: A carpenter, who got stuck inside the collapsed building at Kasavanhalli, called up his family in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh to inform them that he was stuck under a wall and couldn’t move.

The carpenter, Sadananda, 35, had come to the city three days ago and this was his first day at work. He recently got engaged and was to get married on May 5.

His relative, Prem Prakash, said that he had called his family members in Gorakhpur and from them he got to know that Prem was in the city. He then called him for help.

“He called me at 5.07 pm. He was very scared and told me that his leg was stuck under the wall and he could not move and sought my help,” said Prem.

Prem immediately rushed to the spot and informed the police. He called Sadananda and made him talk to police officials, who tried to know his location, but he soon fell unconscious due to loss of blood. The police officials tried calling him again, but he did not answer. He was finally rescued late in the night.


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