A gas chamber in Banashankari

Bengaluru: Subramanyapura Road in Banashankari has now turned into a gas chamber. On one hand there is this stench of garbage strewn all over the road, and on the other is the smoke emanating from garbage set on fire. Area residents are deeply upset with the apathy shown by the authorities

This stretch is just few metres away from Bengaluru's famous Banashankari temple and right behind the Banashankari bus stop. It is a busy road thronged by hundreds of people every single day, but Subramanyapura Road near the BWSSB office is in a pathetic state with garbage strewn all over the area.

In addition, there is also the menace of garbage burning, which adds to the air pollution in the area and affects the health of nearby residents. Our right to clean and fresh air is curbed with this garbage burning. We know smoking is injurious to health, so do not indulge in smoking. But with this garbage burning, we are literally risking our lives by passive smoking, said Sathya Lazaras, a resident of the area. It is not only Sathya who is angry with this sorry state of affairs. 

There are many people who use the stretch to walk up to the Banashankari TTMC bus stop. Even though there is a board stating that those throwing and burning garbage will be penalised Rs 500, it hardly acts as any deterrent. Vinod Jayapal, a resident of Kadirenahalli who uses the stretch to travel to his office on Richmond Road, said, "The area is dotted with many black spots. A simple walk on the stretch will explain how the garbage collection is not happening properly in the area."

Residents who did not wish to be quoted said that the garbage generated in the areas around Banashankari temple is being dumped at Ilyas Nagar. While the residents claim that the area falls under ward number 180, Banashankari, but when Deccan Chronicle spoke to the ward corporator Ansar Pasha, he said that the area does not fall under his ward and maintained that there are the area do not have any black spots and he has deputed enough pourakarmikas and private employees to keep the area clean.

While the BBMP is trying to raise awareness regarding segregating garbage at source and compost wet waste, many are stuffing garbage into plastic covers and throwing it away as they wish. This has to be seriously taken as the future generation will be affected due to illegal dumping and garbage burning, he added.

‘I will check with Joint Commissioner and resolve the issue’
Q and A with Mayor Sampath Raj

Residents in and around Banashankari complain that regular garbage collection is not happening and Subramanyapura Road near BWSSB office is strewn with unattended garbage?
After I took charge as Mayor I had laid special focus on garbage collection and disposal. Even the segregation percentage has increased and many black spots have been done away with. I shall check with the Joint Commissioner of the zone and get the garbage issue resolved.

Apart from garbage lying unattended, residents complaint that it is being burnt and this was even affecting their health?
I am not aware of this. Garbage burning is a serious issue and it is the duty of the officials from the solid waste management to curb this. I will ensure that this won't happen.

Residents also complain that the whole garbage generated by small traders, street hawkers and other wastes from meat shops around the area is not being handed over to BBMP pourakarmikas or empanelled vendors but landing at Ilyas Nagar?
Domestic holders should hand over their garbage to pourakarmikas and our workers who come in mini trucks. Commercial units which generate garbage in bulk should give it to empanelled vendors.


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