A fresh approach to films

Back in the past when information technology was at its peak, he too chose to pursue engineering which eventually landed him in Houston as a techie. However, his reel passion has driven him back. Born Kannadiga and namma Bengaluru huduga, Ajay Sarpeshkar, who has worked in Houston for over 15 years in product development, innovation and strategy returns to tell a spicy and adventurous story mixed with science fiction and a pinch of regular cinematic touch to it.

 His debut feature film Mysore Masala, a sci-fi adventure saga stars senior actors Anant Nag, Prakash Belawadi, Sudha Belawadi, Sharmiela Mandre, Kiran Srinivas, Samyukta Hornad and others. Ajay started his career with photography, then ads followed it with short films apart from gaining some experience in theatre back in Houston. He speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle about his marsala venture, and more.

“With technology background, I was always fascinated with science and a die hard fan of logical things. But looking at similar works in Kannada films, they have always been very silly and unrealistic. A sci-fi film which is close to reality was missing in Kannada. Though I grew up studying science and then pursuing Masters degree in engineering from Arizona University, I was I interested in telling stories. I started with photography and eventually, I thought of this after making a couple of short films. I, finally quit my job and returned,” says Ajay.

With better planning, this techie turned diretor has wrapped up the shoot of his film in just 19 days (which even includes a couple of breaks). As the film heavily relies on the post production works, Mysore Masala will take another three months before it hits the screen. A probable, first of the three part series, senior actor Anant Nag plays a former  journalist who mostly worked in the field of science.

“It is an attempt to introduce the newer generation with a realistic subject by infusing heritage along with science. When I approached , Anant Nag sir and Prakash Belawadi sir, they both backed it as it was something which was never told to Kannada audience,” he adds.

He adds, “There are several creative minds in my family and it was my wife who still works back in the US, who pushed me to realise my dream. There have some good films in the recent past, and I am hoping that urban audience will appreciate high-quality work.”

The filmmaker is confident that his masala will float, he signs off by revealing that the film will showcase an unidentified flying object too.


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